ShortSaleShort Sale Process in Florida

Upon receipt of a new contract we open a file in our title software. If the contract is for a short sale we start working on our short sale process which includes contacting the listing agent and seller to collect documents. The most important document is the Letter of Authorization which allows us Foundation Title to speak with your lender on your behalf. Below is a list of documents that are needed to complete the short sale process. Click on the link below and it will open a new page discussing in more detail the document and a link to download and complete. There are some bank specific documents and we will go into more detail once you click the link.

1. Letter of Authorization

2. Hardship Letter

3. Financial Analysis

4. Proof of Income

5. Bank Statements

6. Tax returns

7. RMA

8. Dodd Frank

9. Real Property Disclosure

10. HOA Statement

11. Mortgage Statement

12. Utility Bill
Documents provided by your agent

1. Executed Contract

2. Buyers Proof of Funds

3. Listing Agreement

4. MLS – Broker Synopsis Report


We are the experts at the short sale process in Florida. If you are facing a foreclosure and need assistance contact us today and we will find a qualified agent in your area that can list your property. If you already have an agent and find our site to get more details about theshort sale process in Florida you may want your agent to call us because there is no company like ours when it comes to taking care of short sales in the entire state of Florida. We are not miracle workers but if you as the seller are able to get us documents timely we are able to get this completed quickly for you and in most instances you walk away owing nothing or in some instances paid for selling your property. Please complete our short sale form and we will contact you today to begin working with you and find a qualified agent in your area to list and sell your property. Be sure you are working with a qualified team when it comes to short sale processing in Florida.